This is Johnalyn Jazmines. She joined BOSS when there was no office, no products, but she trusted the system, the brain behind BOSS, and above all she trusted God to bless her through BOSS, in 1 year 8 month’s, she earned about #18m, 2 cars, awards, free trips etc. A business built from zero, no products in Philippine for the 1st 4 months, no office, just laptop the CEO was moving from state to state, today BOSS has become the fastest n largest growing MLM worldwide. We haven’t even started in Nigeria and Africa, we will dominate the global market. Join BOSS now


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Counting My 114 days journey with Boss Intl all to the glory of God . On that Faithful day I said YES to Boss Intl with a borrowed money . I took the bold step of borrowing to join. We missed great opportunities not because of lack of money but lack of right mindset .Sharing Boss opportunity with my friends was discouraging and frustrating because of their past experiences and other personal reasons but the day I realised that people that I don’t know are more than those I know that changed my stories. Indeed I encountered challenges and rejections I always believe that there is a hiding opportunities in the midst of challenges and difficulties. Opportunities wear overall and look like works and challenges only the brave grab them . Any where you find yourself today is as a result of the decisions and actions you took yesterday and years ago .

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